Belting The Netherlands

The band had a brilliant time in Holland (see a video log here:

Following the long journey from home through the Chunnel (none of us forgot our passports this time but someone DID forget to renew theirs…) we arrived in Amsterdam in just enough time to set down and set out to the Pakhuis Wilhelmina which is situated canal-side and have a few recuperative drinks in the setting sun before watching some excellent acts. Ensor, Avery Plains, Maggie Brown & Those Attic Sounds were all magnificent and the lighting/sound was superb.  Great gig to be sandwiched in between those bands!

After a brief stop to play a few acoustic numbers at a garden party, the band drove below sea level to the lovely town of Groningen where we played at the city’s oldest pub “Kroeg Van Klass”. Our set(s) comprised of 30+ Belter originals – every song we know (and a couple we didn’t).  Finishing around 2am, the enthusiastic crowd wanted more so we obliged with a reprise of “The Invisible Cat” which included a fine display of pool table top dancing by Rob!

Good to know that we will be back in Europe next May with three excellent dates already sorted.




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