‘I like cake. Not the band — although I do — but chocolate cake is my fave. The point is, it’s fun to act like a child, but I hate to be treated like one. Who doesn’t? There’s a scary mindset out there, where we don’t trust anyone (not even ourselves) to make grown-up decisions. We seem to want someone else to step in and take control. I could throw a tantrum about it all. But who’d care? So I write songs.’ – Angelo K., Belter

And what songs. With lyrics sharper than razor-wire and tunes that stick the boot in, Belter is punk for grown-ups who like a dance.

“The appropriately named Belter have an energy that literally leaps off the stage and grabs you by the throat” – Phoenix FM Radio, Essex

They’ve nicked the buzzsaw drive of The Buzzcocks, The Clash’s spunk, The Stranglers’ riffs and some of the best tunes Blondie never wrote. And their singer sounds like Jello Biafra pogoing on a Roxy Music-era Brian Ferry.

“It’s all about the lyrics, and Belter has something to say” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

Since they formed in 2007, Belter have taken their tight, energetic set and sharp lyrics to some of the world’s most iconic venues: London’s 100 Club, the Paradiso in Amsterdam and the Trash Bar in Brooklyn.

“Belter could only ever be the band they are. Completely unpretentious and real, they are the anti-heroes. Their singer is charismatic, with great stage presence and superb lyrics.” – Rock n’ Roll In My Soul magazine

They have played at festivals in France and the UK, sharing the stage with legends such as The Beat and Katrina (of the Waves).

“Belter sounds like if the Proclaimers and The B-52’s got really trashed one night and did some things that they both regretted. Which is awesome.” – UI Argonaut, University Of Idaho

The band set up their own label to release the single “TV Junkie”, which was co-produced by Marc Waterman (Elastica, Ride, Ash). This was followed by the “Invisible Cat” EP, which they recorded with Stephen Stewart (Kim Wilde, Toots & the Maytals, Willie Nelson). A new EP is in the making, and the preview copies sent to radio stations have already earned them the “Next band to be signed” award at Scotland’s Pulse FM’s show “Twisted Mixtape”.

“London-based quintet Belter have been shaking things up […] with their eponymous blend of politicised lyricism, Clash inspired melodies and vocals that are evocative of both Dead Kennedys and bizarrely enough, Little Man Tate. Belter are punk without the spit and the safety pins and all the nasty stuff your parents warned you about” – Ears On magazine

Belter is:

  • Rob – vocals
  • Angelo – guitar and vocals
  • Maartem – keyboards
  • Gary – bass/ backing vocals
  • Mark – drums