“With lyrics sharper than razor-wire and tunes that stick the boot in, Belter is punk for grown-ups who like a dance”

Come take control….. Or have fun losing it!

Belter spring tour 2015

June 2015
4 June: Audio, Glasgow
5 June: T.B.C.
6 June: The Crescent, Salford

Back at the Luna Lounge

26 April 2015
The Luna Lounge, Leyton
7 Church Lane, London E11 1HG
Free gig

Leytonstone Festival 2015

Saturday July 11, 2015
The Plough and Harrow, E11 4JU
More info to follow

Proud Camden

20th June
Proud Camden,
The Horse Hospital
The Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AH

Free gig