They’re devious, mysterious and sometimes less than serious, but whatever they are, they make for an interesting read. Enjoy!


We all know by now that cigarettes can kill
Why live a long time when you’re over the hill
You lecture me about the dangers of passivity
It’s a big white lie to create conformity

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Some Kind Of Wonderful

There was a man
He had a gun
He was going out to have himself some fun
He wasn’t bad
He wasn’t broke
You would assume he was a decent sort of bloke
Then he turned
And went back
And shot his family watching TV in the dark
They’re saying

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The Invisible Cat

I’m obtuse unconventional
Twisted and multi dimensional
A complex intellectual
Allegedly I’m unnatural
Consequence is unintentional
The effects are astronomical

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TV Junkie

Cover me in chocolate
Smother me in marmite
I am in the jungle
Caught up in a fire fight
I’ve got cold spaghetti
All over my belly
Underneath my Poncho
My legs have turned to jelly

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